Privacy and content reproduction policy

Privacy policy: 

We protect your personal information while you browse our website and during your communications with us, should you wish to follow up directly with TOMS after the report(s). If you upload images to the website during reporting, we advise you to avoid images containing EXIF ​​data containing GPS coordinates. Visitors to this website can download and extract location data from these images.

The collection of your personal information is always done knowingly and with your consent, or when it is otherwise permitted by law. Your personal information is used only for the purposes for which you provided it to us, unless we are required by law to do otherwise.

Sharing infomation : Partial information to identify the substances in question reported by the respondents ONLY will be shared by alert and on social networks. These will NEVER include information to identify who the report comes from, or to circumscribe the territory from which the substances originate. The PODS focuses on situations of overdose(s), intoxication or police intervention(s) in Montreal; respondents therefore assume that this information makes their report admissible, that it exists and will be counted for statistical and educational purposes ONLY.

Important notice : our website contains links to other sites created and maintained by public or private community organizations or individuals involved in harm reduction. We provide these links for informational purposes only and we accept no responsibility for their content(s). When you click on a link to an external website, you are leaving the PODS site and our privacy policy no longer applies.

Content reproduction policy: 

The visual and informative content on the website was produced and produced by the TOMS team, as well as with the collaboration of its members and external partners. You can use the visual or written content of the site without modification, insofar as the aim of your project is strictly educational and not pecuniary, that the authors are quoted and that the source of the information is indicated. Suggested citation: TOMS and partners (2022). Drug and Overdose Observation Program (PODS).

If you wish to modify the text, we invite you to contact us to agree on the appropriate changes. Please note that we always appreciate being notified of your publication project even if you resume it as is.

Links and documents from external partners: We share documents created in partnership with other organisations, or entirely by them. For these documents, permission to reprint or modify must be obtained from the organization that created them.

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