Report overdoses and substances to watch - Montreal

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When to complete the questionnaire?                                                                                                                          
When you used one or more substance(s) and felt unwanted effects (for example, it was very powerful, fell asleep after taking stimulants…).

When you overdosed.

When you have witnessed or been told of an overdose situation and/or unwanted effects.

The questionnaire can be completed by the person who used, loved ones, a worker or anyone else who has witnessed or heard of such a situation.

  • Why completing the questionnaire?
To help us paint a portrait of drug use, overdoses and the substances that causes them in Montreal. By having access to more data, we will be able to quickly see which substances have a higher risk potential. We can then share appropriate prevention messages via the website, email or text messages and with health organizations and professionals. The more info we have, the quicker we can act and prevent overdoses (or unwanted experiences)